First Class Customer Service, Reliability and Quality!

Our Vision

Continual commitment to be the world's forklift tire expert and industry leader by offering superior tire products with performance, durability and cost savings.

The Mission

We must understand forklift characteristics, driver behavior and working conditions to produce forklift tires that can support every type of customer and industry needs. Our mission is to offer good tire quality with competitive pricing and find ways to make our products more fuel efficient. We also strongly focus on improving our processes and production to be more environmentally friendly.

Core Values

Our core values bind us together and give us a framework for achieving our Vision and Mission. Continuous improvement is the focal point to keep our company moving forward in the tire industry.

Leadership Behavior

Shared accountability and transparency. Cross-functional teamwork and collaboration. Listening and learning. Benchmarking and continuous improvement. Coaching and developing others. Business integrity.

Quality and Customer Service

Year after year VS Solid Tire develops and produces forklift tires that receive the highest customer satisfaction rankings in the industry. We deliver the highest quality tires to our customers. Our tires deliver miles and miles of efficient service and performance. We also believe that the quality of our products is a reflection of the people who sell and service them.

Today we're a leader in Thailand's tire industry with the highest levels of production and above all the high-quality standards we operate with. Our company has expanded its operations meeting the demands of a globalized business world. In addition, we have a large chain of Sales Representatives and Dealers in other foreign markets, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, and the United States.

VS Solid Tire