Our new solid tired brand “KOMACHI” is a genuine premium tire that has been tested for over 18 years under all types of working conditions to ensure a reliable, safe and high quality product. It bears the heaviest loads while offering high stability, excellent wear and puncture resistance for all kinds of forklift trucks.

KOMACHI is a premium solid tire with 3 layers structure construction manufactured with natural rubber and a specially mixed compound that offers high quality with cost-efficiency, long durability under heavy load conditions, and low rolling resistance. KOMACHI New Solid Tire’s main attributes include low cost with all the great benefits.

3 Layer Tire Structure

A. Bead Ring: Solid wire bead ring that reinforces structure sturdiness and tight rim fit.
B. Inside Layer: Specific compound that strengthens the tire base foundation and ensures a prefect rim fitting.
C. Middle Layer: Composed of a pure natural rubber compound to help dissipate heat and offers optimum resilience for a more comfortable ride.
D. Tread Layer: Wear and tear resistant compound that provides low rolling resistance, long life and high durability.

Structure Component

A. Wear and tear resistant compound help prevent chunking and chipping extent service life.
B. Special tough natural rubber compound for low heat built up result in cooler running tyre.
C. The inner special compounds give the optimum resilience for soft riding comfort.
D. Bead ring reinforce increase structural strength an ensure high load carrying capabilities.
E. Base rubber with steel bead ring help prevent slippage with rims.