VS Solid Tire is proud to offer our line of recycled and remolded SolidTech tires. Our SolidTech brand tires are focused on providing an eco-friendly alternative for industrial tires while also providing heavy-duty capacity for your operation needs. SolidTech tires are manufactured from recycled solid tire cores that are remolded with new rubber. Please contact us for more information about joining our tire recycling problem to help reduce pollution and save on your business operation costs. Great Performance with Cost Savings!

SolidTech Tire Retread Process

1. Check and identify old tire casing
2. Buff casing to remove tread and sidewall rubber
3. Apply new industrial grade rubber compound
4. Tire cured and pressed with tread pattern
5. Finishing and final inspection

Customers Target
  • Forklift rental
  • Forklift repairing and modification shop.
  • Sale second hand Forklift.
  • Constructions equipment shop or factory.


Tire Size
Rim Size
Black Color
White Color
4.00-8 3.00D-8
5.00-8 3.00D-8
18x7-8 4.33R-8
6.00-9 4.00E-9
21x8-9 6.00E-9
6.50-10 5.00F-10
23x9-10 6.50F-10
7.00-12 5.00S-12
8.25-12 5.00S-12
5.50-15 4.50E-15
6.00-15 4.50E-15
7.00-15 5.50-15
7.50-15 6.00-15
7.50-16 6.00-16
8.15-15 7.00-15
8.25-15 6.5/7.00-15
28x9-15 6.5/7.00-15
3.00-15 8.00-15
9.00-20 7.00-20
10.00-20 7.00-20
12.00-20 8.00-20